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Data Management: Process

Help making Data Management Plan

Processing Data

Processing data involves various activities associated with the preparation of new or previously collected data inputs.

Data Processing Activities

Processing and transforming raw data into information can be involved. Researchers rarely document these processes adequately. This leaves others unable to reproduce the results. Workflow Capture will aid in reproducibility of research.‚Äč

  • Validating data
  • Summarizing data
  • Transforming data
  • Integrating data
  • Subsetting data
  • Deriving data

Example of Complexity of Workflow Process



Document Your Workflow

Metadata - be sure to create metadata along with the data as it is collected.

Use informal or formal workflow

  • Informal workflow includes well-documented code; a good description of the project, author, data, parameters; define each section by what input is needed and what is in output; construct a complete script.
  • Formal workflow is the use of an established software; e.g., KeplerVisTrailsGalaxy, Apache Taverna