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Graduate Liberal Studies: Citation Help

Library Resources

From citation to source

Below is an example of the many types of citations we run across when doing research. Although Google is a tempting choice to look for the articles or texts, it does not control for making sure you are getting the exact edition, year, volume you are searching for. Try the catalog, citation indexes, and journal locators. If you are still having difficulty contact a librarian by chat, e-mail, phone or PRS.


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Miikkulainen, V., Ruud, A., Østreng, E., Nilsen, O., Laitinen, M., Sajavaara, T., & Fjellvåg, H. (2014). Correction to “Atomic Layer Deposition of Spinel Lithium Manganese Oxide by Film-Body-Controlled Lithium Incorporation for Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Batteries”. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118(16), 8722-8722.

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Citing Sources

There are many citation styles including specific styles for individual journals. Check with your professor to find out which style to use and whether your research group uses a citation management tool like EndNote, Mendeley, Papers, RefWorks, Zotero, or others. See the library's How to Cite Guide for more info.

EndNote is available to all Wesleyan students.


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