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Ebooks at Wesleyan University: Introduction


1. The most common problems with ebooks at Wesleyan usually involve difficulties with off-campus access. 

Please see our guide:


2. For additional help within particular platforms, see the PROVIDER-SPECIFIC help sites listed in each tab above.

3. Contact librarians for additional technical help or other questions about ebook access.


FYI - Access models

Wesleyan participates in a user-driven acquisitions program arranged with our local library consortium.  We have potential access through our catalog to thousands of ebooks via "discovery records" and pay only for titles which are actually used.  This program allows the library to expand access to a much broader array of scholarly content than we could afford to purchase outright.

Our library also subscibes to several large packages of ebook content.  These provide excellent academic content,  but include periodic title additions and withdrawals by contributing publishers.  In the event of a withdrawal of desired content, please alert us, as we can almost always provide alternative access.

Both access models mean that the library often does not permanently "own" ebooks in the same way as our physical collection.  Instead we provide Wesleyan with the widest possible and most sustainable access to digital content. 


Ebooks are a dynamic and growing segment of the library's scholarly content.  Wesleyan currently has access to over a half million titles. They are acquired in large packages or singly from various providers, each with its own interface, rules, and policies, often directly set by publishers.  This guide will help you navigate the major types of available ebooks so that you can more easily locate and utilize them for your research.  

While you don't need to know the ebook provider in order to find and read an ebook title in our catalog, having this information is useful when you begin to more extensively use, print, and download ebooks.

To use this guide: 

  1. Identify the ebook provider.   
    When you enter/access an ebook from the catalog, the provider should be apparent.  In addition, the provider is identified within the ebook's catalog record: click "staff view" (far right), provider is listed at bottom (902 field). 
  2. Check the usage summary, "Ebooks at a glance" directly below for quick options.
  3. Select the tabs above for more information on specific providers.  

Questions?  Contact a librarian in person at the Reference Desk, or by email.  Your suggestions to improve this guide are welcome!


Ebooks at a Glance

Provider Printing Downloading Simultaneous Users
EBSCO 60 pages Yes, 7 days Unlimited, some titles may be limited to 1-3 simultaneous users
Ebrary 60 pages    Yes, 14 days (full book) or up to 60 pages as pdf Unlimited, some titles may be limited to 1-3 simultaneous users
Springer All, for personal use Yes, no restrictions (personal use only) Unlimited
MyiLibrary 60 pages 10 pages Unlimited, some titles may be limited to 1-3 simultaneous users
ACLS All, for personal use Yes, no restrictions (personal use only) Unlimited
EBL 20% of book Yes, 7 days Unlimited, some titles may be limited to 3 simultaneous users

Finding ebooks

Acquisitions and E-Resources Librarian

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Aaron Sandoval
I'm the Monographic Acquisitions Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development. Please contact me for research assistance in Latin American Studies.

Olin Library, Room 015

Phone (860) 685-3834

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