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Library Course Reserve

Request a library purchase

If neither you nor the library already has a book, article, video, etc. you want on reserve for your class, you can request that the library acquire a copy:

  1. Click to "Add Items" to your list.
  2. Use the "Create" option to add an item.
  3. First, select the appropriate "Type" of item (book, book chapter, article, video, etc.). This will bring up the appropriate fields for that type of item (journal title, book editor, etc.).
  4. Fill out as much bibliographic information (author, title, publisher, etc.) as you have.
  5. Select which "Section" of the list this item belongs in and "Add" it to that section. It will have a status of "Being Prepared."
  6. Repeat for each additional request.
  7. After entering your requested items, click "Send to Library" to notify library staff to acquire your requested items.