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Research in Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humanity: anything and everything that makes us human - which is a pretty broad topic, so there are a lot of potential places to look for sources. Consider your approach - cultural, physical, linguistic? quantitative or qualitative? - to help you narrow and focus your search.

Anthropologists produce and read:

  • articles in peer reviewed scholarly journals reporting results of research projects are a major avenue focus of published work in anthropology.
  • books can provide a broad overview of a topic (often for non-specialists), or they can provide the space for a more expanded presentation of research results, or an extensive ethnographic portrayal of a community.
  • ethnographies - a qualitative research methodology to produce systematic descriptions and analyses of peoples and cultures; often in book form.
  • audio and video recordings - many cultural anthropologists produce recordings of their subjects of study, which others can use for primary source data.
  • material culture - archaeological site reports, museum collections, and other examples or records of material artifacts.

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