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Meet Our Researchers: Home

As a small liberal arts university, Wesleyan distinguishes itself by its scholar-teacher culture and focus on interdisciplinary research. Learn about the work of some of our creative minds, who are making a difference in the world.

Royette Tavernier Dubar

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Sleep and Psychosocial Adjustment Lab

Royette Dubar Photo

Richard S. Grossman

Andrews Professor of Economics and Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

Richard S. Grossman

Quin Steinmetz

Undergraduate Researcher in the College of East Asian Studies

Quin Steinmetz Photo

Fa’alataitaua Fitisemanu

Undergraduate Researcher in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Fa’alataitaua Fitisemanu Photo

Zheqin Li

Graduate Student Researcher in Music-Ethnomusicology

Zheqin Li Photo

Ellen Thomas

Harold T. Stearns Professor of Integrative Sciences, Emerita; Smith Curator of Paleontology of the Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History

Ellen Thomas Photo

Erika Franklin Fowler

Professor of Government and Director of the Wesleyan Media Project

Erika Franklin Fowler Photo

Okechukwu Nwafor

Assistant Professor of Art History

Okechukwu Nwafor Photo