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Government Documents: National Archives (U.S. & foreign)

National Archives

Many countries around the world store their historic documents, images, maps, and datasets in national archives.  The quality of these organizations varies depending on various economic, political, cultural, and technological factors.  This guide provides a list of national archive website and information on the information resources they contain and procedures for user access to these resources.

United States National Archives and Records Administration

Albania State Archive

Argentina-National General Archive(In Spanish)

Armenia National Archives

Australia-National Archives

Austria National Archives

Belgium State Archives

Bhutan National Library & Archives

Brazil National Archives (In Portuguese) 

Bulgaria National Archives

Canada-Library & Archives Canada

China State Archives Administration

   Hong Kong Public Records Office

   Macao Historic Archives

Colombia National Archives (In Spanish)

Croatia State Archives

Cyprus State Archives

Czech Republic National Archives

Denmark National Archives

Ecuador National Archives (In Spanish)

Egypt National Archives

Estonia National Archives

Ethiopia National Archives & Library Agency

Finland National Archives

France National Archives (In French)

Georgia National Archives (In Georgian)

Germany National Archives

Greece General State Archives

Hungary-National Archives

Iceland National Archives

India National Archives

Indonesia National Archives

Iraq National Library & Archives (In Arabic)

Ireland National Archives

Israel State Archives

Italy-Central State Archives (In Italian)