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European History Primary Sources: Print Primary Source Collection

Created from Professor Grimmer-Solem's Research Paper Resources Guide

Available at Wesleyan

Frank Anderson, ed., The Constitutions and Other Select Documents Illustrative of the History of France.  

George Bennett, ed., The Concept of Empire. Place a request through CTW 

John Boyer and Julius Kirschner, ed., Readings in Western Civilization, 9 vols. CB245.U64 1986

Trevor Dean, ed.The Towns of Italy in the Later Middle Ages.  DG 500. T69 2000

David Douglas, ed., English Historical Documents, 2 vols.  DA 26. E55 1979

E.T. S. Dugdale, German Diplomatic Documents, 1871-1914, 4 vols.  D394. G415 1928

Harry Carroll, et al. eds., The Development of Civilization, 2 vols. D5.5. D4

Patrick Geary, ed., Readings in Medieval History.  D113.R43 1998

R. Gray and S. Wilke, German Unification and Its Discontents. DD290.22 G47 1996

Elizabeth Hallam and Andrew Prescott, eds., The British Inheritance: A Treasury of Historic Documents. DA25. H35 1999 (Oversize floor 3A)

Elmar M. Hucko, The Democratic Tradition: Four German Constitutions. KK4455. V6613 1987

A. Kaes, M. Jay, & E. Dimendberg, The Weimar Republic Sourcebook. DD240. W3927 1994

Alfred Kelly, ed., The German Worker. HD8453. A1 G47 1987

Michael R. Marrus, The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial: A Documentary Reader. KZ1176.5 E37 2007

William McNeill, ed., Readings in World HistoryF S79r Storage Cutter (Go to catalog and place a REQUEST to retrieve)

J. Noakes and G. Pridham, Nazism: A Documentary Reader, 4 vols. DD256.5.N365 1983

E. Royston Pike, ed., Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.  Place a request through Interlibrary loan

James Harey Robinson, ed., Readings in European History2 vols.

C. C. Schweitzer, et al., Politics and Government in Germany 1944-1994. KK44.43.6 P65 1995

Dennis Mack Smith, ed., The Making of Italy. DG551.M27 1988

Louis Snyder, ed., Documents of German History. DD3. S55

David Welch, ed., Modern European History: A Documentary Reader. D395 W38 1999