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Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Accessing Library Resources

Three ways to access online library resources from off campus:

  • From the library website
  • Install the Lean Library browser extension
  • Directly at publishers' websites

From the library website:

  • Go to the library home page or OneSearch and find the database, article, etc., and click to access it
  • If you need to log in, you will be prompted to log into Wesleyan's Single Sign-On using your Wesleyan credentials
  • Once logged in, you will be able to access all library subscription resources through the library website
  • VPN is not required for accessing library resources, however you need to begin from the library home page or OneSearch even if you are using the Wesleyan VPN.

Install the Lean Library browser extension:

The Lean Library browser extension will notify you when you are viewing an academic citation or a paywall access item that is available through Wesleyan. Watch a brief video demo to see how it works.

Directly at publishers' websites:

Many publishers' websites have an institutional login option allowing you to access materials provided by Wesleyan. They use the same OpenAthens authentication system, but each sets it up differently, so the steps are not all the same:

  • Look for an institutional login option. It may say:
         - Institutional login
         - Log in through your library
         - Sign in  (which leads to an institutional login option)
         - Sign in with OpenAthens
  • Search or browse for "Wesleyan University" or "Wesleyan University Library"
  • Log into Wesleyan's Single Sign-On using your Wesleyan credentials (if you recently logged in on another publisher's site, it will likely skip this last step).

One example of what you might see: