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Activating Library Spaces

Apply to exhibit or perform your art in the library

Exhibitors and Performers may submit proposals anytime during the year. To maintain a consistent calendar, applicants should submit proposals well in advance of the desired exhibition/performance date. Exhibitors are encouraged to submit one semester before their proposed opening date.

1. The Policy

  • Start by reviewing the Library's Exhibition and Performance Policy (located in the left-hand column) to learn about how proposals are selected and the stipulations that exhibitions and performances must observe.

2. The Proposal

If you do not have a Wesleyan account, please contact the Activating Spaces Team for the appropriate forms.

3. The Selection

  • Once a proposal is submitted, the Activating Spaces Team may contact the applicant with questions or clarifications.
  • Applicants will be notified of a decision through written communication (email) from the Activating Spaces Team. 
  • If the proposal is accepted, applicants and the Activating Spaces Team will meet and plan deadlines and details of the exhibition or performance. Exhibitors must also complete the Agreement Form attached below.

Exhibition Agreement Form

Prior to installation, all exhibitors must complete and submit the following document to the Activating Spaces TeamThe Library reserves the right to alter, change the date, or cancel any exhibition if the Exhibitor Agreement is not adhered to.