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Activating Library Spaces

Exhibition Installation Guidelines and Tips

For Wall Text:

  • Use fonts that are easy to read (sans-serif fonts like Source Sans Pro, Roboto, Arial, etc.).
  • Select font size appropriate for viewing distance.  
  • Maintain consistent letter and word spacing.
  • Utilize standard letter case and italicize titles of works of art (e.g., Portrait of the Artist’s Donkey).
  • Do not italicize if the object name or title of a work of art is descriptive (e.g., Black-on-black ceramic vessel, Platypus figure).
  • Place labels in a consistent location throughout the exhibit.

For Balcony and Lobby installations:

  • Make circulation routes within an exhibition accessible. Pathways must be a minimum of 5.0 ft (60″) wide for two-way traffic.

Exhibition Preparation: Wall Text Template and Sample

Label Template

            Exhibitor’s name and year of graduation (if applicable)
            Name or title of object (in italics), date
            Country, region in which the work was created
            Dimensions in inches and centimeters (if applicable)

Sample Label

            John Doe ’25
            Untitled #Umpteen, 2023
            Gelatin silver print
            29 x 36.5 in. (73.7 x 92.7 cm)

Media*: Describe media in the simplest possible terms in order of prominence of materials. Technique, if mentioned, should also be kept as simple as possible (e.g., Stoneware with red-brown slip and ash glaze).

Exhibition Preparation: Selected Internet Resources