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Government/Political Science: Encyclopedias / Dictionaries / Etc

Reference (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc)


  • Oxford Companion to Politics of the World - JA 61 .O95 1993 - Encyclopedia of brief articles on world politics in the emerging post-Cold War era.
  • Encyclopedia of Democracy - JC 423 .E53 1995 - Four volume set providing international perspectives on democracy.


  • Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science - Ref. JA 61 .B43 1999 - Definitions of basic terms. Cross-references and suggested further readings.
  • Encyclopedia of Democracy - JC 423 .E53 1995 - Four volume set providing international perspectives on democracy.
  • Europa World Online The online version of the Europa World Year Book and the nine-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series, covering political and economic information in more than 250 countires.


  • Congressional Quarterly Almanac - JK 1 .C66 - Annual almanac published by Congressional Quarterly outlining the course of major legislation and national political races in the U.S
  • Historical Guide to the U.S. Government - JK 9 .H57 1998 - Brief articles on all aspects of the history of the executive branch of the U.S. federal government.


  • Catalog of U.S. Government Publications - An online version of the United States Government Printing Office catalog of U.S. government documents. It indexes the publications of the federal government from 1976 to the present. In addition to providing citations to government publications, it includes links to the full-text of many online publications. MarciveWeb also notes which publications should be available at Wesleyan, or in other government document depository libraries in the area.


  • fedstats - Links to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies, with multiple access methods.
  • Statistical Insight - Current and historical data for the United States. Includes links to full-text online tables where available.