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Middletown History Resources

Sources of information about the history of Middletown and surrounding area.

Middletown Newspapers

Since 1785, there has been at least one newspaper published in the city. Although Special Collections & Archives has a number of eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers, for preservation reasons, researchers are generally asked to use the microfilm and online versions. Following is an approximately chronological list of newspapers available at Olin Library. Note that the dates correspond to available issues and not necessarily the entire run of the paper.

Indexes for newspapers that have not been digitized are available in the Middletown Room in Russell Library, Middletown's public library.

Middlesex Gazette, 1785-1834
Microfilm AN 2 M52
Early American Newspapers microfilm edition, AN 2 A2
Digital version available at America's Historical Newspapers (1785-1834)

Connecticut Spectator, 1814-1816
Early American Newspapers microfilm edition, AN 2 A2
Digital version available at America's Historical Newspapers (1814-1816)

Americal Sentinel, 1823-1833
Microfilm AN 2 S457
Digital version available at America's Historical Newspapers( (1823-1833)

Constitution, 1841-1884
Microfilm AN 2 C657
Digital version available at America's Historical Newspapers (1841-1879)

The Adder, 1848
Special Collections & Archives A44 M5

Middletown Daily News, 1850
Special Collections & Archives M59 D3

News and Advertiser, 1851-1854
Microfilm AN 2 M535

Sentinel and Witness, 1868-1884
Microfilm AN 2 S457

Middlesex Monitor, 1878
Special Collections & Archives M59 M6

Sunday Morning Call, 1891
Special Collections & Archives M629 S8

Middletown Tribune, 1893-1906
Microfilm AN 2 M538

Middletown Sun, 1908-1914
Microfilm AN 2 M538

Middletown Times, 1914-1915
Microfilm AN 2 M538

Penny Press, 1884-1918
Microfilm AN 2 M536

Evening Press, 1918-1919
Microfilm AN 2 M536

Middletown Press, 1919-present
Microfilm AN 2 M536
Online edition (search available back to 2002)

Connecticut State Library Newspapers of Connecticut Collection
The Newspapers of Connecticut Collection includes a sampling of newspapers covering various towns, villages, and topics ranging from 1821-1929. Click here to see digitized newspapers published in Middletown.

Other Newspapers

Among the most useful:

The Hartford Courant, 1764-present
The oldest continually published newspaper in the United States, The Hartford Courant has been published under a variety of names, starting with the Connecticut Courant.  Full page and article digital images from all available issues beginning with the first issue in 1764 through 1985 and html versions for 1992 through the present is online here. html only. It is also available on microfilm.

The New York Times, 1851-2009
Occasional coverage of Middletown people and events. Also available on microfilm.

The Wesleyan Argus, 1868-present
Continuiously published by Wesleyan University students since 1868, the Argus primarily documents the university, but also has articles that are relevant to Middletown history. Issues from 1868 to 1892 have been digitzed and are available here. A complete run of the newspaper is available in Special Collections & Archives. There is also a set of Arguses that circulate located on the north wall of floor 3A.

Consult America's Historical Newspapers for digital versions of a number of Connecticut newspapers ranging from the 1700s up to the 1900s.