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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Do I need permission?

The educational exceptions permitted by the TEACH Act and Fair Use cover most performances or displays of copyrighted images, videos, and music in the setting of face-to-face classroom teaching. Materials used on Moodle must be restricted to use only by students enrolled in the course, and be available only for the term in which the materials are being used. Entire films or audio recordings may not be uploaded to Moodle without licensing/permission from the copyright holder, and should never be uploaded to any platform that can be accessed outside the classroom or campus environment. The library can help with providing alternatives, including obtaining materials for Reserves if we do not currently have them. Educational exceptions to copyright law do not cover the use of any materials, either by faculty or students, that have been obtained or made available illegally.

Students may incorporate images, video clips, and audio clips into their class assignments as part of the coursework they turn in to their instructors. They may not, however, broadly disseminate their work beyond the classroom (for example, uploading to a platform outside their learning institution), without securing permission from the copyright holders of the materials/resources they have used. These same guidelines apply to any scholarly work produced by faculty. Students and faculty can find more information on responsible use through the two FAQs links in the left sidebar.

Ways to get permission

If you still need help discerning whether you are required to obtain permission for your particular use, or you are unsure whether the materials you are using come from a reliable source, please contact us for assistance.

  • For general text-based content and use of videos, including guidance for use on Moodle, please contact the library.
  • For digitized materials, please contact Special Collections & Archives. You can also review their research and policies guide. The library's Digital Lab only digitizes materials that are Wesleyan-owned.
  • For non-textual images, please contact the Art Library staff.
  • For sound recordings, please contact the Music Library (scroll down to "Our Staff").