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Copyright and Intellectual Property

CCC license provisions and resources

You can use the Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind search tool to see if the publications you would like to use are covered by our academic copyright license (you will be prompted to create a user account).

Have questions about using the search tool and interpreting results? You can download the CCC's Verifying Coverage guide as well as a list of participating publishers.

Provisions of the license covers the following:

  • Course packs (print and electronic)
  • Classroom handouts
  • Library reserves (print and electronic)
  • Internal e-mail
  • Electronic course content (i.e., intranet and course management system postings)
  • Research collaboration
  • Administrative communications


Please note that our academic copyright license does NOT cover:

  • copying an entire work or the majority of it
  • materials obtained through interlibrary loan
  • material uploaded to any platform that is accessible beyond our campus/institution
  • external promotional and advertising use
  • items not included in the license


If you have further questions about the particular materials you intend to use, please contact us.