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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Digitizing print items for reserves & document delivery

When a request is submitted for all or a portion of a print title to be digitized, the Library will provide an ebook to fulfill the request or digitize an amount that is in line with accepted copyright practices (20% of the total page count). If the requested portion exceeds this amount and an ebook is not available, a print copy of the title will be made available (on reserve if for a course, or on hold for the patron).

*Print titles that are currently part of a course reserve reading list are not eligible for document delivery.

Digitizing DVDs for course use

When the Library receives a request for a film in streaming format for course reserve use, the following determinations will be made:

  1. If the film is available in streaming format via an institutional license the library can or has already purchased, this streaming option will be utilized.
  2. If the film is available to stream via a commercial provider (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.), and therefore unavailable for the library to purchase streaming access or rights, the library will recommend students access the film via this option.
  3. If the film is unavailable for streaming via either of the above options, the library will digitize the DVD (purchasing it if necessary), make it available via the campus’ streaming system, and provide the faculty with the access URL. In this instance, the physical DVD will be removed from circulation for the duration of the course, or as long as the streaming version is available to students.

a. Access to the film will be limited to students enrolled in the course, and will require authentication for viewing.
b. The film will remain available for the duration of the course’s semester