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How to Create Bibliographies with EndNote

Adding References from OneSearch

OneSearch, which searches most of the library's physical and online collections and is available on the library home page, works with EndNote to quickly and easily dump citaition information into EndNote.

To send one reference to EndNote:

1. Look up a title, author, or topic in OneSearch.
2. Click on the appropriate title in the list of results
3. On the full record for the source, look for the "Tools" section and click on the "ENDNOTE RIS" option (or select "EndNote Web" if you are using the web version of EndNote rather than the installed program version).


Or, directly from the list of results, look in the upper right corner for the three dots that will bring up more options, and click the dots to bring up the list of tools:


To send multiple references to EndNote:

Use the "pin" icon to save a record to your list of "favorites."


Then do another search, pin one or more records from it, and another search, etc.

Then click the pin icon in the upper right corner of the OneSearch window to get a list of all the titles you have pinned.

Click checkboxes to select from your list individually, or click the box at the top to select all; then click the three dots to bring up the list of tools, from which you can select to download to "EndNote RIS."


When you click to download the EndNote RIS file, one of several things might happen depending on your computer and browser. It might dump the references directly into EndNote. Or, the file may be saved in your Downloads folder or elsewhere. If the references don't go directly into EndNote, click to open the downloaded file, which will probably be named "Primo_RIS_Export." Depending on your computer and browser, that may dump the contents directly into EndNote, or you might be prompted to open the file. If you need to open the file, select to open it with the EndNote program.

The result in EndNote should look like:


Click to highlight and select a title to see all the information -- title, author, date, publisher, etc. -- in the panel on the right, where everything is editable if you need to modify anything.