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How to Create Bibliographies with EndNote

Adding References from Databases

In addition to OneSearch, EndNote works with many -- though not all -- of the hundreds of databases the library subscribes to, and also with Google Scholar. The specifics will depend on the database, but look for a way to mark records from your search results and save them to EndNote or to an RIS file. Here are some examples:


ProQuest Databases:

Click the checkbox for one or more results, then toward the upper right corner click to "Save" selected records. One of the options for "Save" will be "RIS (works with EndNote, Civati, etc.)."


Ebsco Databases:

Click the blue folder  beside one or more search results; the folder will turn yellow to indicate this record is saved. Then click the "Folder" option at the top of the screen  to get your list of saved records. Click checkboxes to select one or more records, or the checkbox to "select all" at the top. Then click to "Export" records. From the list of export options, select "Direct Export in RIS Format."


Google Scholar:

Click the little quotemark icon under a result in Google Scholar for citation options. That will provide copy-paste options for a few common citation styles, and there will be an option at the bottom for exporting to EndNote.


When you click to download the EndNote RIS file, one of several things might happen depending on your computer and browser. It might dump the references directly into EndNote. Or it might ask you to select a program to open the file. Or, the file may be saved in your Downloads folder or elsewhere. If the references don't go directly into EndNote, click to open the downloaded file. Depending on your computer and browser, that may dump the contents directly into EndNote, or you might be prompted to open the file. If you need to open the file, select to open it with the EndNote program.