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How to Create Bibliographies with EndNote

Using EndNote with Microsoft Word

In addition to storing your references, EndNote is a bibliography maker. It works with Microsoft Word and several other word processors to create formatted bibliographies and citations in your papers. If you install EndNote after you have installed your word processor program, EndNote should update your word processor program and add EndNote options. If you are using Word, to make sure your software has loaded these features open Word: you should see EndNote listed as one of the menu items across the top of the screen. If not, please contact the ITS help desk by phone (685-4000) or submit a service ticket .


  • Open Microsoft Word and EndNote on your computer.
  • Make sure your library is open in EndNote.
  • Begin typing. When you come to a point where you wish to insert an in-text citation, or after creating a footnote in Word, go to your EndNote library. Highlight the reference you will be citing (press the Control key and click to add more than one reference).
  • Back in Word, click to open the EndNote menu.
  • Under Insert Citation, click to Insert Selected Citation(s).
  • EndNote will insert the citation where your cursor is -- in the text or in a footnote -- according to the selected citation style and add the reference to the bibliography, again styled appropriately. If the style you are using does not use in-text citations and your cursor is in the text, the reference will appear in the bibliography but nothing will appear in the text; EndNote will remember where the citation is and format it accordingly if you change to a style that uses in-text citations.
To select a different style, click the down arrow for Style; click "Select Another Style" for a long list of citation styles. This will reformat all citations and the bibliography in your document.



To Add Page Numbers in a Citation

In Word, click to highlight the citation you want to add a page number to, then select the Edit & Manage Citation(s) option in the EndNote toolbar menu. This will list all citations in the document, with the selected citation highlighted in the list. EndNote will automatically format the page numbers in the citation according to the currently selected citation style.


To Edit Citations and Bibliography in Word

If you try to edit anything in an in-text citation, footnote, or bibliography created by EndNote in a Word document, it won't let you; anything you add in a citation or bibliography will be deleted. To edit the content of a citation or bibliography in a Word document, you will need to do the editing in EndNote. But, when you are done adding citations to your document, you can create a copy of your Word document that is disconnected from EndNote and will allow you to edit citations and bibliography as regular Word text. To do that, select the Convert Citations and Bibliography option in the EndNote menu, and select to "Convert to Plain Text." Your original document will still be connected to EndNote, but the copy will be all editable plain text.


To Create a Stand-Alone Bibliography

To create a bibliography of some or all sources in an EndNote library, first select the desired citation style in EndNote (in the menu toward the upper left). Then select to highlight all the citations you want in your bibliography. Hold down the Control key (on a PC; for Mac, hold down the Option key) and drag the citations into a Word document. Or, click to highlight one or more or all citations, then right-click on the highlighted citations and choose the option to "Copy Formatted"; then "Paste" that into a Word document.