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How to Create Bibliographies with EndNote

Using EndNote Web to Store and Share References

EndNote Web is an online version of EndNote. At, you can set up an online account to use a basic version of EndNote to create and share collecitons of citations and use those citations to create footnotes and bibliographies in a Word document formatted in one of a few common bibliographic styles. EndNote Web also works with the full version of EndNote installed on your computer, allowing you access to the full range of EndNote's functionality.

Once you have set up an EndNote Web account, you can sync your online accout with your EndNote library on your computer. To do that, click the "Sync Library" option in the EndNote toolbar:


Once you have added your library of citations to EndNote Web, you can share your library with others. To do that, you must first create a "Group" of citations in to share, and then add citations to that Group. To create a new Group in EndNote Web, click the "Organize" tab and select "Manage My Groups," then click to create a "New Group":



Once you have created a Group, there will be an option to "Share" it. Under the "Organize" tab, click "Manage Sharing," then add the emails of everyone you want to grant access to, and select whether they have "read only" access or "read & write" access:


If they have their own EndNote Web accounts associated with the emails you added, under their "My References" tab they will see your group under "Groups Shared by Others."



To add citations to your "Group," go back to the "My References" tab, click to select the references you want to share -- you can click "All" at the top to quickly share all your references -- then click to "add to" the appropriate group:


Once you have added citations to your shared Group, all those with whom you shared your Group will be able to see them. If they have "read & write" access, they can edit existing references and add new ones.