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Is It Cheating to Use ChatGPT?

All content generated through the use of ChatGPT is to be understood and identified as “co-authored” by the user and the AI. To mitigate the possible risks of AI-generated content, OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT) have developed their own Sharing & Publication Policy.

Is ChatGPT Neutral?

Since AI systems are developed by humans and trained on human language, they can never be fully neutral. For example, ChatGPT's default tone and style tend to replicate US norms of "professionalism" that privilege some vocabularies and grammars over others. And it's trained to avoid giving bigoted or sexist answers—but in doing so, it's using parameters for bigotry and sexism that were developed by humans. When using ChatGPT and similar tools, it may be helpful to assume these types of bias exist and be on the lookout for them.