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Student Resources

Fines & Fees

We do not charge fines for normal overdue materials; we do charge fines for:

  • overdue Reserves items - 60 cents/hour
  • lost items - $85 or greater (if the cost of the item is greater than $85)
  • repairs or rebinding of damaged items - may be charged for processing fee of $35

Fines over $1 are charged to student accounts on a weekly basis and should be paid to Student Accounts. If this fine is a hardship, please contact library circulation managers, the head of Access Services, or email .

Items returned more than three years after billing will not be credited.

Receipts for returned items are available upon request.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Circulation privileges may be suspended under any of the following circumstances:

  • 10 items are overdue
  • $100.00 in unpaid fees/fines