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College of East Asian Studies

Research in East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies cultivate knowledge of  East Asia with the histories, culture, societies, politics, and language of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea.) 

The researchers read and/or produce:

  • articles, either in academic journals (peer-reviewed publications of research, generally more theoretical) or professional journals and magazines (usually written by and for practitioners in the field, generally focused on practical skills, news, etc.).
  • books can provide a broad overview of a topic (often for non-specialists), or they can provide the space for a more expanded or in-depth presentation of research results or professional practices.
  • audio and video recordings are employed by many cultural scholars producing recordings of their subjects of study.
  • statistics, for a numerical, quantitative picture of a topic; and data, to use for doing your own statistical analysis of a topic.
  • websites can enhance local knowledge providing you look at them through a critical eye understanding the reason for their existence. 
  • primary sources provide uninterpreted records of the subject of your research project.

East Asia in the News

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