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Library Course Reserve

Create a list of sources for your class

Once you are in the Library Course Reserves tool, you can link an existing reading list to your course, or you can "Build a new reserve list":


Give your new list a title and an optional description, then click to "Create" it. (As an advanced function, you can import a .lgn file.)

If you have separate reading lists for different classes, it is a good idea to include the course number and semester in the title of the list - e.g., "DEMO101 - Spring2021 - Reading List" - so you can easily identify your lists later when you edit or reuse them.


The next step is to select a template for your reading list. Default templates offer an integrated list, or separate sections organized by week, topic, or importance. Or you can select a blank template and organize it as you desire:


If you select a blank list, you will be prompted to create a "New section." You can also add sections to other templates by selecting the "New section" option.


Give your section a title and an optional description, then click to "Create." (As advanced options, you can specify dates for the section, and even restrict viewing to only within those dates. You can also import a .ris file of citations from a bibliographic management program such as EndNote.)


To edit a section - for example, if you select the "Organized by topic" template and want to name your topics - click the three dots to the right of the section name and select to "Edit section"

You can create as many sections as you want. To reorder sections, mouse over the right edge of the section area to bring up the "Drag section" function, then drag it to the desired location.